Over 30 years ago...

Mark Folks was working for a global company supporting controls and fire alarm systems. He founded Folks Fire Alarm because of his issue with large, corporate work ethics where only doing the bare minimum was expected. Many times he observed that the systems they contractually provided were not even operational. This caused safety concerns that Mark could not ignore.

Additionally, the expectation for response times from both the company he worked for and their larger competitors were terrible. Many would not even respond to phone inquiries from their clients.

Mark decided he would build Folks Fire Alarm on strong moral ground and a simple philosophy: Give your clients what they pay for, provide them with a quick response when they need assistance, promising only what you can provide.

Mark continued furthering his education, quickly becoming one of the few Fire Alarm Planning Superintendents in the state. Since that time, he has cultivated clients from San Angelo, Austin, Marble Falls, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and San Antonio without even advertising.

Mark is incredibly proud that he does not have a single client he could not call upon for a positive referral. Folks Fire Alarm looks forward to bringing this incredible customer service model and immense fire system design knowledge to your company!